Saturday, January 7, 2012

This is NOT a cake! (but surely just as fun)!

The official "BEFORE" picture. Let me just say that this is definitely on a bad day, and I generally had to hang all of the coats up every few days to be able to see the floor. Shoes in old diapers boxes, and A LOT of miscellaneous everything ended up in this closet located under our stairs. But I have a plan.

 This closet was never finished when we moved in, it was still just taped dry wall. So, I had to buy cans of texture to finish the walls. Side note: those aerosol cans of texture, especially in a small enclosed room, are absolutely wretched!! Use face masks and ventilate your house!

 A fresh coat of light blue paint. (I wanted a bit darker...but oh well). 


 The beginning of the room, yes, I am drawing and painting a tree. I started with a picture from another blog, chalked an outline, and away I went. A lot of improv to the original chalk outline by the time I was done, and I would never recommend taping your outline.  

 I bought these little paint samples to do the tree and leaves, used two bottles of the brown, and ended up not painting leaves. But these were perfect for such a small job. 

I love these wall stickers! The ones used in this soon to be play closet and home for downstairs toys I found at Target. 

My finished tree! Complete with more vinyl wall art. 

The cubicle shelf at the back of the room was a project in itself. I originally built it outside of the closet, and then had absolutely no way to fit it into the back of the room. Absolutely NO way. So, I had to take off both end pieces and build the shelf where it sits. After, I slid the end pieces into place, but because they are not screwed in, I had to support the shelves with some brackets. They will soon be overflowing with toys. 

The room is still not quite done, but this is a sneak peek. I will post more when the room is finished and full of toys...and kids! (and also pics of all of the displaced "stuff" that will have to be organized elsewhere).


  1. Very Cool that you found inspiration from my under the stairs toy closet.

    Yours looks so good & you are so smart to use wall stickers too! I painted every leaf on my tree and it took me forever!

    Thanks for letting me know, so glad you were inspired.


  2. Gretchan ---I LOVE this! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! What a great way to use that space! Good job! ;)

  3. Very cute! I saw those vinyl stickers at Target and wished I had a place to use them! Good work!